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2011-03-01 23:31:59 by ElusiveJim

Bunch of good games to buy this year:
Duke nukem
BattleField 3
Portal 2
Assassins creed
Modern warfare 3
MGS rising
Zelda skyward sword
Dead Space 2
Elder scrolls V

Should Update more often

2010-03-06 14:44:29 by ElusiveJim

Ok well... it's been a while since i last updated my page, i was just tired of seeing that last post of mine ... anyway, back in the present ... Halo : Reach Beta is coming up may 3rd, this looks awesome, looks like a mix of bad company, 007 on game cube and the usual halo, really looking forward to all these new weapons and add ons

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Fable 2

2008-10-20 21:08:44 by ElusiveJim

omg ... can't wait for tomorrow ! fable 2 is coming out ! :D
role playing game ! thats the shit ! Mouhahahahah

Fable 2

Yay 16th B-day today xD

2008-09-18 16:21:06 by ElusiveJim

Well as my 16th birthday i will partayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ... ok maybe not i have school tomorrow
... anyways castles crashers is rly awesome i finished the game like 10 times and its still awesome visit xboxlive's arcade games and buy it !

smash came out !!

2008-03-15 19:08:41 by ElusiveJim

Ssbb came out and its awesome !! Wi-fi is ain't working for me tho ...
But its still awesome :)
If u have a wii you totally have to buy that game !!!
and if u already have that game .. then happy smashing :)

smash came out !!

Ssbb ~1 week~

2008-02-28 16:20:35 by ElusiveJim

Indeed there is only one week before the new smash bros comes out !!! can't wait xD
its gonna be the game of the year for sure :)
It's gonna be PARTAY time at my place Mouhahahaha
O_O dam im bored


2008-02-22 17:44:16 by ElusiveJim

Well well well .. i dont have much to say .. im tired and bored .. at leace i can still watch funny videos on Ng and cool audio ... anyway im out for the day PcE